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About us

Electronic House is a provider of electronic devices and home appliances. Electronic House was established in 1992 in Cairo, Egypt. Through its commitment to provide high quality products at low cost for all consumers; Electronic House became the top seller of satellite receivers in the region.

Today Electronic House provides a wide range of products to meet the consumer needs such as: receivers, televisions, fans, heaters, ovens, kitchen blenders, and many more products. We strive to provide a convenient shopping environment that meets all demands. Electronic House is a manufacturer, retailer and the brand owner of Grouhy, Rony and GTV.


1992 Where It All Began

Electronic House was founded on a sense of purpose to enrich people’s daily lives through providing affordable satellite receivers to everyone. It started as a small company based in downtown with only 5 employees. Today Electronic House has more than 500 employees.

1999 Leading the Market

In commitment to be pioneering brand, we became among the first digital receivers’ importers in Egypt. We made digital receivers accessible to everyone with affordable prices and premium quality.

2001 Staying Ahead of the Curve

Entering the digital age, we created the brand Astra to bring more entertainment into the world.

2008 A Big Leap Forward

Driven by the need to fulfill customer demand, the first factory was built with approximately 200 employees in the 10th of Ramadan City.

2009 Wide Range of Products

Grouhy was created to match customer needs through wide range of products like TVs, kitchen blenders, fans, irons and vacuums and much more.

2011 Quality Guaranteed

Electronic House became ISO certified which ensures the high quality of its products.

2019 Aiming Higher

We are not slowing down, we opened a second factory assembling TVs, receivers, fans and irons.

2020 Arriving at a Home Near You

Electronic House retail stores were opened. We are committed to give the customers great shopping experience. To ensure we deliver on our promise, we have a distribution network all over Egypt.